Monday, 14 July 2014

The right fabric for right season

When it comes to choosing the right fabric, the first question that pops up in our head is, will this fabric go with this season? Fabrics can cause a lot of confusion in a shopper’s mind. Even if we like the design of a garment, the fabric might not appeal us. In a country like India, where the seasons change almost after every 3 months, it gets difficult to stick to one fabric throughout the year. Different fabrics have different properties. Some are sweat free, some are soft and give a cool effect, and some protect us from the cold outside. Choosing the correct fabric is a tedious task. How do you choose the right fabric for the right season?

Cool and Light Summers

Summers are all about cotton. It is light and comes in soft colours. It keeps you breezy and gives the body space to breathe. They tend to have a cool and calming effect on the body. It is soaks sweat easily and hence people prefer cotton the most in summers. This is a natural fabric, but it can also be mixed with polyester. Such a blend helps you to keep cool as well as eases your burden of ironing the fabric again and again. Another fabric to opt for in summers is the linen. It is extremely soft and light, but tends to get wrinkles easily. It is thin, durable, keeps you cool and is best suitable for summers. Rayon, another fabric which is a good conductor of heat, is very soft and light and absorbs the sweat very easily. It is often blended with other natural as well as synthetic fabrics.  Apart from the fabric, one needs to look for cool colours in summers. They help to keep you light and keep you cool from the sultry heat outside.
With summers, the monsoons are not far behind and it gets difficult to decide which fabric to choose for in monsoons. You cannot wear those summer fabrics in monsoon because the fabrics for this season must be strong enough to withhold the moisture. One should opt for cotton, mul and light-weight silk fabrics. These fabrics do not stick to your bodies. Denims and chiffons must also be kept handy in monsoons.

Warming up!

Texture is the most important aspect when looking out for a fabric in the winters. The fabric should keep you warm and cozy and also prevent you from the cold breeze. Tweed is a fabric which is soft and keeps you warm. If you are looking for durable fabric for your suits in winter, then go for flannel textured suits. They keep you warm and are liked by all. Worsted wool is another fibre used for making men’s suits which is not very warm and can be worn throughout the year. There are some synthetic fibers, which keep you warm and also absorb sweat at the same time. Such fabrics are often high on price, but they are worth it! Dryline being one such fabric.

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