Monday, 14 July 2014

The In and Out of Textile Industry

The Fashion and the Textile Industry is a growing business.  If you have a knack for designing and have those creative juices oozing out from your head, this is industry is definitely the one for you. But this doesn't ends here. There is more to this industry. Apart from the designing and creativity part, textile industry is also about outsourcing, product development, merchandising, marketing etc.
After getting a degree of Bachelors in Fashion Designing, one has many options to choose from. Not many people are aware about the various sectors which build up the textile industry.

Sourcing and Merchandising

If you have a good knowledge about the fabrics, the textiles, the products, the process of production along with hands on management, then sourcing is your thing. Sourcing involves looking out for vendors and companies to provide your clients with the appropriate fiber, raw materials etc. which will help in producing the final product. Apart from this, there are textile merchandisers who not only do the sourcing, but they also look for the avenues for the product to be sold in the retail. They are good with the budgeting and management skills. These days there is a growing demand for visual merchandisers in the textile industry.
A product developer shapes the product by analyzing various trends and the colors associated with the product and aim at selling the product to the customers. They should possess in depth knowledge about the product and should also know the needs of the customers. Once the product is approved, the Production department helps to build the final product in the Textile Industry.
The designer in a textile industry deals with the creative aspects of the industry. He designs the original concept, keeping in mind various textile and fabrics. Such a person should have an appeal for aesthetics. They deal with the raw materials like the yarn, the fibers and also the final product. Such a person should have an in depth knowledge about the textile industry because designing is the backbone of this industry. A textile designer, knitwear designer, print designer are a few people career choices for such people.

Not so mainstream!

If you are looking for some options in the textile industry which are not too mainstream, then marketing is one good option for you. You should have knowledge about the products, the trends, the textiles etc. Such people deal with the advertising, the market research, the journalism in the textile industry. You need to have an understanding about your customers and the trends in the market so that you can sell your product to the potential customers. Apart from this, if teaching is your thing, then you should consider taking up lectureship in any of the Fashion School. This will help you to stay in touch with the industry as well as help in building up new designers.

The textile industry offers a wide range of career options; you just have to choose what is your thing!

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