Saturday, 12 July 2014

Pick fabric print design for cool presence

Summers are all about fun and vibrant colors. As soon as the summer set in, people start looking out for fresh summer trends. It always gets difficult when it comes to styling yourself in summers. At times, the prints and the designs would look perfect but the next moment, they may seem loud and flashy. What should one prefer when it comes to choosing the right print design this summer?
Variety of prints

Floral- Though floral designs are often associated with the springs, but they give an extra edge to your fashion statement in summers. The floral print design range from huge colorful flowers to small breezy leaves; these prints can be subtle as well as loud and bold. The color of the print greatly affects your look in the summers. Try to go for light floral prints in shades of pink, light blue, yellow etc.  The variety of colorful flowers in your dress adds freshness to your look. The key rule is to never overdo when it comes to florals. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a flower garden.
Paisley- Paisley is often referred as the upside down teardrop. It comes in intricate and elaborate designs and gives an ethnic feel to your garment. It is often printed in contrasting colors. The Indians mostly use paisleys in their salwar suits and sarees. For men, it is common to find such prints on a tie. In the world of fashion, such prints have remained evergreen for years.
Geometric- Geometric prints are bold and it is not easy to carry them. They come in wide and intricate designs. One has to keep in minds that when it comes to such prints, keep it minimal because you don’t want to end up looking like some maths equation.
Argyle- Argyle patterns are made of continues diamonds running throughout the fabric. Such prints tend to give a 3d look because of the overlapping motifs and the contrasting colors. Argyles are very common in winter wears and sweaters, but such prints are also gaining popularity in the summers. Try to look for argyle print in cool colors so that it gives a soothing look in the sultry and gorging heat.

Keeping it classy!

Stripes- Add a little zing to your summers with prints in stripes. They never go out of fashion. Stripes come in all sizes and colors and may run vertically, horizontally, diagonally or sometimes even crooked. These prints have a timeless appeal and are in vogue every season. Summers are all about stripes in cool colors of white, blue, yellow, peach etc. Nautical stripes of red, blue and white the classic example of stripes. If you do not want to experiment much with your looks go for thin stripes but if you are bold enough to stand out, try for wide stripes.

Checks- Check print design is very common to identify. They have lines running horizontally and vertically throughout the garment, forming equal boxes all over, just like any chessboard. Checks may come in contrasting colors or in simple colors. If you want to keep it simple these summers, go for check prints in light colors. They will never let you down.

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