Thursday, 10 July 2014

The art of Pattern Making

Pattern making is an essential process and almost every garment made, undergoes this process. A single pattern can be used multiple times for different garments. Mostly pattern making is done using a particular paper known as pattern paper, but it can also be done using other materials like fabric, plastic, cardboard, etc. While making a garment, different patterns are combined together to create one unified product.  Pattern maker is a person who specializes in making these patterns for different apparels.

Job of a pattern maker

The pattern maker should have a good idea about the type of the garment, the fabric to be used. It is advisable that one first sketches the pattern on the paper and then cut out the final pattern from the pattern paper or the fabric. This helps in better understanding of the pattern and helps to save time. These pattern makers work closely with the designers and they try to understand the needs of the designer. It is very common for them to use mannequins when assembling patterns, but many a times, they work with the measurements of the model so as to get that perfect fit. The job of a pattern maker does not stop here, it is his work to conceptualize the whole garment and also select the correct fabric for the same. Pattern making is the technique of designing patterns. It is the initial step in the world of fashion designing. A designer visualizes the design and when it takes shape in his mind, it is sketched on the paper. Then comes the art of making templates with the pieces of fabric or even pieces of cardboard which are then traced onto the fabric before cutting out the design.

Types of patterns

One of the common methods in pattern making is draping. The fabric is draped over the mannequin’s body and the desired position for the seams is pinned. These are then marked on the paper and the pattern is made accordingly. The basic pattern from which many designs can be further created is called a block.  Another method for pattern making is drafting. Drafting requires taking the exact measurements of the body size and then tracing the pattern accordingly on the paper. This is the basic method of pattern making and helps to create the foundation patterns. Flat pattern making is another method wherein the patterns are made to fit on a mannequin’s body with just enough space to carry out the movements. This is a common method used for making ready to wear garments.

Once all the patterns are made and assembled, the pattern maker then sews the garment for a test. If the garment is not up to the satisfaction, he may adjust the patterns to get the desired look of the garment. With the growing technology, pattern making has become an easy job. Use of computers and digital software has made it easy for pattern makers to make better and effective patterns and are less time consuming. Moreover, this computer aided software help to eliminate the process of trial and error.

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