Wednesday, 11 June 2014


You can enhance your dressing style by wearing top design embroidered clothes. In this fashion world where both men and women want to look stylish and trendy they can go for traditional ,western and indo western embroidered clothes.
Now a day the textile designing is increasing day by day as you can see the fashion designing institutes have started offering textile designing courses of designing and making different types of textiles or fabrics.
The designer can turn simple cotton, linen, silk and other fabric into traditional by doing embroidery on it. The embroidered cloth adds class of your presence and makes you royal in front of other.
In India there are huge Variety of different type embroidery for diverse types of fabric like the Lucknowie chikan kari work is mostly done in the cotton and jourget fabric, Kashmiri work on silk, woolen, etc, zardozi is on silk, cotton, linen, shisha embroidery can be done on many fabric like silk, cotton, etc, pholkari on chiffon, jourget, cotton, etc and there is many other famous embroidery in India like kantha embroidery batik work, muga silk work, and srikalahasti’s famous textile work kalamkari is very costly because it takes time as they are very fine hand work .

India is famous for its traditional culture and dressing where Indian women prefer to wear silk embroidered saree, Lucknowie chikan salwar kamiz, Banarasi brocade, etc. This kind of dresses enhances their beauty.
There are two types of embroidery both of them are different, as one is very old and traditional hand embroidery which is very costly and time taking but this type of embroidery adds sparkle on your cloth and it is costly because all the work that would be done on fabric is done through the hand. The other type of embroidery is latest which is machine embroidery through the latest embroidery machine embroidery could be done very fast and easily on the fabric.

The hand should be done on even weave fabric like aide cloth, hardanger fabric, herta cloth, linen, church linen, legacy linen, wedding linen and other type of even weave cloths, on this type of fabric the needle can easily pass out through the fabric.
Different threads are used for different types of embroidery like there is silk thread, silk ribbon, woolen, cotton, corocia and much other kind of threads used. 
Varieties of embroidered clothes are available in Indian market as well as other countries like we have traditional saree, salwar kamiz, short kurti, long embroidered skirts, etc for women and we have large traditional collection for men also like kurta pajama, shirts, sherwani, etc these are the clothes for wearing and we can buy embroider item for our household also like table cloth, couch covers, dressing table cover, cushion covers, embroidered towels, etc.

The embroidered cloth is always in fashion as they look very elegant and make your status symbol on others, as India is a hub of embroidery you can choose one or many for yourself and give royal look to your dressing.

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