Saturday, 22 February 2014

Importance of Color in M. F Husain Paintings by Dr. Isha Bhatt, Banasthali University

The use of color is central to all work in art. It’s obvious that color is a key aspect of successful work in design and art. An art that present a pleasant and appropriate impression through the use of color generates an almost inevitable favorable reaction.
The role of work of art, paintings, sculpture, weaving and certain craft production in relation to art colors calls for some special consideration. So color is most important part in art and design. If we see the whole work of M.F Husain we can see the importance of color in modern art paintings.
Husain was famous painter of the nation, he promote the color schemes in modernity because color makes beautiful role in paintings. M.F Husain has been called PICASSO OF THE INDIA, so we can say he was the great personality of our Nation. The early evolution of his painterly language was overtaken by adventurous forays into installations and performance art. His experimentations with new forms and color of art are both unexpected and pioneering.
We can say that M. F Husain’s painting are depict several color forms and inspiration with modern art.

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