Thursday, 12 June 2014


Men, women, children and everyone in the country want to look stylish with comfortable dressing, trendy footwear, stylish bags, and elegant accessories. Being fashionable is good only when you carry it in the right way and feel comfortable with what you are wearing. So always be confident of what you are carrying on your body.

Types of various fabrics in the country are silk, jourget, linen, cotton, chiffon, synthetic, polyester, rayon, nylon, woolen, khadi and many other from which our daily as well as party wear clothes are made up with.nicely, design can be done on it without any major efforts. It holds a crease and it’s easy to wash.

Disadvantages of both fabrics are like knitted fabric is difficult to wash at home as it needs to be dry cleaned, it get damage very easily through one thread and it does not holds crease, disadvantage of weaved fabric are that as it gets wrinkled very easily we can’t wear it without iron, it is not airy, etc.
Both the fabrics has its different characteristic like knitted fabric looks like as it has vertical lines of loops and the weave fabric has a vertical and horizontal lines as it looks like a check board.

The knitted and weaved fabric has its different process like in the process of knitting the fabrics are produced by the help of knitting machine which produces a set connected loops from a series of yarn or thread in one line and connecting the other line and so on as the fabric is not completed. In the process of weaving the fabrics are produced by two sets of threads one are verticals and the other are horizontals, these two threads are then interlaced hence producing fabric.

Variety of weaved fabric clothes is our general or party wearing cloths like shirts, skirts, trousers, jeans, t-shirts, middies, jump suits, sarees, suits, etc and many more. All type of clothes whether its daily wear or party wear it can be made by the weave fabric because embroidery and different type of designing is easy on this type of fabric.

Variety of knitted fabric clothes is less than weaved fabric clothes because it’s very stretchable so the trousers, jeans, saree, etc can’t be made by this type of fabric, only t-shirt, tube tops, shrug, socks, scarf, maternity and fitness clothing, etc are made by the knitted fabric. They are comfortable as it’s very stretchable, soft and airy.

Weaved and knitted fabric can be wearied in all the season whether its summer, winter, rainy season or some other season. so enhance your senses, envy others by your awesome style this season by wearing stylish designer wear.

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