Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What is Digital Prints? Design Process

Digital prints are like its name digital. In digital prints we can create like anything, whatever we want to create , we do not need to bound our self for create a design  like,  what should I use or what things I should avoid, by using this technology we can make possible to pectoris  anything on fabric whatever we visualise.

This is very useful for the people who always  think out of the box it means beyond to the thinking power of laymen because now whatever Their imaginative mind will think they can explore their precious ideas on fabric without worrying about that any limitations of exploring ideas. Now They just have to explore and explore their innovative ideas.

 We can explore our innovative idea’s quickly on fabricby digital prints which thing is not possible by another printing likerotary, screen etc. Digital fabric printing is a relatively new technology with tons of applications. The main advantage of digital printing is the ability to do very small runs of each design because there are no uses of screen to prepare.Printers which can handle a verity of substrates everything from paper to canvas and of course fabric.


Design can be created digitally with almost any graphic design software (adobe Photoshop, illustrator) are very popular. we can also use art work and photographs these can be scanned and then digitally manipulated to make a pattern. Usually designs are created as a seamless pattern that is repeated across the fabric. We can also create a design that fills an entire fabric without repeating.

The very interesting thing during create designs and patterns we feel like a painter who can paint anything. We can give unlimited texture effects, lighting effects, original picture looks.

We just have to remind during making design on software that is resolution and pixels of image to make design clear and bright. You should expect colours to appear differently on the fabric then on your computer screen. Some colours such as deep which may be hard to reproduce, large area of solid colours may come out with bands of lighter and darker tones. Setting up whatever you design so that the design can easily be changed by using layer and vector art.

It is very easy to get caught up in the artistic aspect of creating a beautiful design and lose  right of the fact  that fabric is never the end product It is always a part of something else, always do visualisation the print as a part of finished product, especially concerning the size the print.

It may seen like a good idea to use digital printing to make a copy of a popular commercial prints that will be not available for long but unlike clothing designs, prints designs can be copyrighted but the designer or manufacturer it’s best to use your own unique designs, with different ideas. 

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