Tuesday, 23 July 2013

BAMBOO CRAFT - Eco Friendly Textile

The term textile is derived from the Latin word “taxere”which means to weave. textile is very important part of human life we develop the clothes, fabrics and  furnishing products. So we use in our daily life. The craft of Indiaare divers the aesthetic of each state which reflect the influence of different empires.

Eco friendly textile good for the world we live in. too many catastrophe are happening recently as human being had been mistreating  our enviourments and mother nature is crying  for our attention to take a step for this. Bamboo one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It is said a  green source of material for the textile industry. A beautiful gift by nature for us.

Bamboo craft tradition of Assam , Meghalaya , Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram , Tripura and arunachal Pradesh.  In textile and bamboo craft of the  north-eastern they have very close relationship between the economic and cultural life .Bamboo using very widely in textile to  weave and in fabric construction and in architecture textiles  . Contemporary designers are creating different weave patterns in textile by using bamboo fibre .To promoting organic fabrics. In today’s scenario peoples are giving more preference to organic products, and we should be given preference.

Bamboo is a plant that grows quickly and it does not require much care it is a resource the process of making bamboo fabric requires time when it done without using camicales

Bamboo crushed with heavy rocks, and then it put into a container andadds water and natural enzymes, do mixture until the bamboo becomes soft and turns into a pulp. Then bamboo drained and let it dry then bamboo fibres cut into small pieces in a vat condition that’s pressurised with some solutions and then heat the mixture and then let it until bamboo fibres dissolve then pour the liquid through a filter, then through spinneret which similar to a shower head. This creates long fibres.

Then new created fibres put into solution of water until the fibres become soft and usable.
And then fibres washed in water then hang them to dry then comb out the fibres to separating them.
Spin the fibres into treads by hand or it may by machine knit the yarn to create the fabric or to weave it on a loom.

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