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What is a textile fibre?.Before knowing we would get to know that what is a fibre?

Fibre, which is also spelled as fiber, is a rope or used as a component of composite materials into sheets to make products such as paper or felt.Similarly, Textile fibre is created.Textile fibres can be created from many natural sources as well as semi-synthetic methods that use naturally occuring polymers, and synthetic methods and even minerals.

There are two types of textile fibre i.e., Natural fibre and Synthetic fibre. Natural fibre is further branced into three types of textile fibres.These branches are firstly, animal fibres,secondly, it is Vegetable fibre and thirdly, it is Mineral fibre.

Under animal natural fibres, Alpaca, Angora, camel hair, cashmere, Mohair, pashmina, raddit silk, wool etc. Comes. In vegetable natural fibre, abaca, coir, cotton, flax(linen), hemp, jute, kapol, ramie, sisal wood comes and in mineral natural fibre, asbestors comes.

In the same manner, synthetic fibre is also of three types i.e., cellulose, mineral and polymer acrylic. Under cellulose synthetic fibres, acetate, art silk, bamboo, rayon comes. In mineral synthetic fibres, glass, basalt and metallic comes and in polymer acrylic fibre, aramid, microfibers, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, spandex, vinylon etc. Comes.

To be a textile fibre, it has some properties. These properties are physical properties,mechanical properties and chemical properties. In physical properties, properties such as length, crimp, lusture, maturity, softness, work of rupture comes.In mechanical properties, strength, elasticity, extensibility and rigidity comes. In chemical properties, solubility in acqueos salt, and solubility in organic salt comes.

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