Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Textile Printing Methods

Textile Printing Methods - Printing is a process of colouring fabrics with different definite patterns and methods. Textile printing is related to dyeing of the fabrics but in dyeing process, whole fabric is dyed and covered with one color.

There are different methods and styles of textile printing. For instance, Textile printing has four types of styles of printing. These are direct printing, mordant printing, Resist dyeing and lastly discharge printing.

Direct printing, in which colourants containing dyes, thickeners, and the mordants are required for fixing the colour on the cloth are printed in the desired pattern. Secondly, the printing of a mordant in the desired pattern prior to dyeing cloth, third one is resist dyeing in which a wax is required to make the fabric resist in a created pattern.At last, Discharge printing, in which a bleaching agent is printed onto previously dyed fabrics. 
Textile printing is carried on different stages of creating pattern, i.e., pre-treatments, post treatment and simultaneous treatments. Similarly, there are number of methods of printing which are applied on the fabric. It also depends upon the materials type and type of purpose of end product use.
As similar to stages and style of printing, Textile printing has many methods of printing too. The following methods can be applied on fabrics for textile printing. They are as follows:

Block printing
Blotch Printing
Burn-out Printing
Digital Printing
Engraved Roller Printing
Electrostatic Printing
Flock Printing
Ink- Jet Printing
Jet Spray Printing
Photo Printing
Rotary Screen Printing
Flat bed Screen Printing
Stencil Printing
Spray Printing
Transfer Printing
Warp Printing
Batik Printing and other special methods of printing

Previously, Textile printing was done with hand manually but with time, many developments have taken place and many new techniques have been created. In the given methods of printing some of the printing methods are very popular and used in many of  the textile industries. However,  the whole process of textile printing is a very important process for textile world.

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