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Physical Properties:
1.      Length                   -           Jute fibre are very long ranging between 150 to 3000 cms
2.      Fineness                -           The diameter is usually 6 to 20 microns
3.      Color                     -           It carries from yellow to brown to dirty grey color                                                         depending upon the conditions of growth, retting etc.
4.      Density                  -           1.5 gms / cc
5.      Strength                -           The tensile strength of the fibres are approximately 5 to 8                                            gms / denier
6.      Moisture Regain   -           13% at standard condition
7.      Elangation             -           Jute fibres do not stretch easily under tension.The                                                         elongation at break is 17%

Chemical Properties:

1.      Action of Acids :(Organic acids and Mineral acids)
            At ordinary or cold conditions organic acids like oxalic acids, formic acid or mineral acids like sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid in dilute condition has no reaction. With strong acids boiling condition hydro cellulose is formed.

2.      Action of heat :
            Like other textile fibre, Jute may not be degraded by heat. Prolonged heating operation degrades the fibre.

3.      Action of Oxidising Agent :
            Ordinary oxidizing agents have no action on jute.

4.      Action of Micro Organism :
            More is more resistance to micro-biological attack than cotton or flax fibre. If jute is slightly scoured it has excellent resistant owing to protective effect of lignin. Sometimes jute fabrics are treated with cuprammonium solution and then dried. A film of green color is produced on the material which becomes more or less rot proof.

5.      Action of Alkalies :
            Strong alkalies degrade the strength. Jute loses its weights when it is boiled with dilute caustic soda. The losses are mainly due to removal of hemicelluloses.

Uses Of Jute Fibre :

            Jute has long been recognized as a cheep,strong,durable fabric suitable for sacks and bags for packing materials.

Carpet Industry:

            Jute is used in woven carpets as weft,warp or pile.Jute is also used in tufted carpets.


            Small domestic ropes, parceling twines and horticultural twines are examples of its use as cordage.

Upholstery Trade:

            Jute waste is used as stuffer material in car seats. Finer qualities of jute are made into curtains and wall coverings, furnishing fabrics.

Cable Industry:

            Jute yarns are used as packing for cables of telephones. Tailor’s interlinings may be made from fine jute. Fine jute is mixed with wool after treatment with alkali. It is used for bed and pillow linings, tarpaulins and bundle cloths.

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