Saturday, 21 April 2012

Articulation of Traditional Cloth

In articulation comes different styles and beauty of fabric, which is traditional and has a significant importance especially in India because we have there is different styles in different regions. India holds a legendary impression for its unique art concepts in the whole of the world. Remarkable diversity is seen amongst the Indian art tradition in different parts of the country.  While creating a traditional garment, the textile art of the particular region is used.

“The glorious fabric of an age saturated with the essence of luxurious living, fabric of unsurpassed charm, elegance and beauty.”

Brocade Fabrics

Design of Brocade
Sarees of Banarasi Brocade

Phool Designs with Brocade
Paisleys Motifs of Brocade
But the technique used to make this fabric in older times is fading now. It’s very essential to protect the textile arts of ancient times; otherwise we will reach towards absurdity which is meaningless.

Most of the handicraft artists do their work from generations to generations for survival, so they get their efficiency to work in heritage which they further improve through constant practice. The basic nature of these craftsmen to express through their art and leaves an impression of excellence. Popular folk symbols are beautifully used in all art forms, but these folk arts are fading these days. The importance of art forms on which many artists are surviving, is decreasing. Traditional folk arts need to be well protected; otherwise they will lose their significance in the hurdles of daily life of human being.

Conservation is very important in today’s world, only because of modernization. It’s making the entire human race absurd, which is insignificant and unimportant. Weavers and other artists want to protect their arts. Indian culture is a combination of art, literature, religion and philosophy, which means that Indian art have variety and tradition.

No one can ever decrease the value or raise any question about the textile art forms of ancient times. These art forms can be protected if we want to. Their specialties can be known through their historical backgrounds, where we come to know that they were geographically accomplished and socially important. It’s found in some traditional books in such a way:-

“History testifies that man has thought out been inventing and creating for their fulfillment. It is there for that his essential love of nature has been manifest directly or indirectly in all such creation. His need, his socio- geographical environment, his economic status are all fully represented there in particularly, among these, his customs shows the utmost influence of the social life, the season and his field work. It is the” custom which establishes his individual identity in society and which also link him up with social hierarchy”.

That means that if we see the historical textile art, we can find an excellence. It will be accomplished with geographical, social and economic situations and the people related will be tasteful and able to express their emotions through art. So it can be concluded that conservancy and protection of these art forms is very important. This is we can protect and safeguard the cultural, social and artistic background.

Its said that Indian race is expressing its taste for beauty through uncountable ways, which includes a beautiful and amazing handicraft tradition, that means to protect this beauty should be the goal of human life.


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